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Plan your group visits and field trips to MOI Atlanta!

Museum of Illusions Atlanta will welcome and entertain everyone who is ready for a good time. Our immersive and interactive installations can be experienced through a pre-booked guided tour or can be explored at your own pace, either way, be prepared to have your mind blown. Contact us for all the details and get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

Most groups can experience the entire museum and all our exhibits in about an hour. We can typically accommodate about 50 guests per half hour. For larger school groups, we suggest staggering your visit in waves every half hour. Another option is to break your group in half and rotate between the Museum of Illusions and another nearby museum or attraction. Email [email protected] to book a field trip or fill out the contact form below. Please include the number of students, grade level, number of chaperones, and preferred visit date and arrival time. We will get back to you with all the details.

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Plan your group visits to MOI Atlanta!

Are you interested in organizing a group visit for adventure-seekers ready to have their mind blown? You’re just a few steps away from the incredible MOI Atlanta experience! For larger groups please contact us through the contact form and we will make it happen.

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    • “A fabulous afternoon spent here. Well worth a visit!”

    • “A mind-boggling, fantastic place! Out of the ordinary and sooo interesting!”

    • “This was the highlight attraction of my vacation! Not to be missed!”

    Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

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