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Discover our installations ranging from tried and true classics to the never-before-seen! Join the adventure!

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You won’t believe your eyes!

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Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

Engage in mind-bending installations that will shock your senses, puzzle your perceptions, and astonish you. Hang out with your clones, swap noses with your friends, and serve your head on a platter. Dive into the amazing world of the unbelievable and the impossible!

  • Cloning Table

    Didn't think cloning could be possible? It sure can seem like it! Meet one of our most popular exhibits ─ The Clone Table!

  • Beuchet Chair

    Try out our famous Beuchet chair where everything is possible ─ even kids instantly outgrowing their parents!

  • Head on a Platter

    Meet one of our classic installations that will make you take hilarious photos ─ Head on a Platter!


  • “A fabulous afternoon spent here. Well worth a visit!”

  • “A mind-boggling, fantastic place! Out of the ordinary and sooo interesting!”

  • “This was the highlight attraction of my vacation! Not to be missed!”

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

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